Why We Use Water Based Screen Printing

water based printing

Which ink to use to start your clothing line is probably a long way away from your immediate consciousness.

However, as they say – the devil is in the detail. Here is a quick summary with information on the print method we use and some of its key benefits:

  1. The ink becomes part of the garment. We have all had a football shirt with thick vinyl printing on the back or a fun run shirt that cracked a week after getting it. Water based ink soaks directly into the garment forming a single unit as opposed to garment and print co-existing.
  2. It is better for the environment. Plastisol inks are, as they sound, plastic based. The clothing industry is notoriously ‘dirty’. Where possible we like to minimise environmental impact, from using sea freight as opposed to air, to water based as opposed to plastisol inks.
  3. The details are sharper. Even the smallest prints retain their detailing with water based inks.
  4. It gives a premium hand touch. You are working hard to build a brand and product set that customers value. Upon touching a water based ink, your customers will know you are the real deal.

Since our inception in 2014, we have experimented with all manner of print options, from DTG through to vinyl printing.

Water based, hand screen printing wins hand down, every time.

With each print meticulously finished by our team in Birmingham, we ensure every product that leaves the door is one we are all proud of.

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