We’re Dan and Marc, life long friends and founders of GymFuse. We’ve known each other pretty much our entire lives.

We believe that you should not be forced to endure the painstaking process of sourcing from the likes of China or Pakistan, only to receive an end product that you are not truly happy with.

We endured this process to no avail three years ago whilst attempting to launch our own fitness brand and thus, GymFuse was born out of a need.

We source so you don’t have to.

We speak with clients daily who are unable to find premium quality at an affordable price. Highly curated and designed solely with the fitness and bodybuilding industry in mind, GymFuse create original garments that are made to last both in aesthetics and durability.

We pride ourselves on high quality aesthetic gym, fitness & bodybuilding clothing, custom branded in-house for your brand and delivered straight to your doorstep. Every product is produced with love, care and a belief system that is etched into every step of our process.

Thanks again for stopping by GymFuse.

– Daniel & Marc

Daniel Jack Mason

(BSc. Sport & Exercise Sciences, MSc. Entrepreneurship and Innovation)

Marc Adam Astbury

(BSc. International Business and Economics, MSc. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management)