F**it, Ship it – How we wasted 6 months and £4,000

f**k it, ship it

The History   The phrase ‘f**k it, ship it’ is widely known in tech and software circles, but it can be valuable to bear in mind in almost any creative scenario. Let me display this point in a quick story about GymFuse in 2014…   Daniel and myself received our official ‘certificate of registration’ through […]

Building a Community Around a Brand

brand communities

Brand Communities An often overlooked element of a brand’s success is the use and function of communities. Humans are inherently social animals. We love associations, groups, tribes, teams and gangs; primarily due to the sense of belonging they give us. When a brand gives us common ground with others we embrace it. When a Liverpool […]

GymFuse vs Manufacturers

GymFuse vs Manufacturers

Starting out When we first set up GymFuse people often asked us questions such as, ‘so are you a manufacturer?’ ‘do you just print on Gildan shirts?’ ‘are you a clothing brand or a supplier?’ the list went on. This was clearly an error on our part – our real value proposition was evidently not […]

Take a Look Inside The GymFuse Factories

Inside the factory

The first order Manufacturing and sourcing is a tricky business. A plethora of people who have attempted to source clothing themselves will vouch for this. We have our own horror story we’d like to share with you. Back in 2014, we placed our first order of stringer vests from a manufacturer we found online. Everything […]