Culture preserves values

Why bother with key values and a company culture?

Culture does not make a company.

There are many bankrupt companies with world-class cultures but it can help drastically and is a fundamental for any company in any industry.

As your brand grows, culture can help you preserve your key values and make it perform better in the future.

Perhaps most important – after you, or you and your team go through the inhuman amount of work it takes to build a successful company, it would be a tragedy if your company culture is such that you don’t even want to work within the company you’ve built.

Drawing out core values and promoting a company culture will ensure that critical operating values persist at every inflection point.

For me, I feel this is often overlooked by founders when starting out yet it makes things so much easier, especially when these decision are compounded over time.

You can be in a dramatically different place when following core values and culture in comparison to making short-termist arbitrary decisions.

Core values and culture acts as a rallying point for you and every person within your company. Does this person fit the culture, is this new product aligned with our values, does this post overtly display and encapsulate our core values?

If you haven’t etched core values on to your wall yet, why not? Do it now and do it well. You’ll thank yourself for it in turbulent times.

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