Why We Are Rehauling Our Product Range

Gymfuse Plastic usage

Why We Are Rehauling Our Product Range

We are completely rehauling our product range. Strange decision?

With more of us consuming more gym wear, there are is an increasing consumer group who wants to do so ethically. A majority of market leaders within the fitness industry still produce their products using synthetic fabric. On the whole, activewear uses more man-made fibres than any other category.

We have always tried with great intent to minimise our footprint. By using water based inks in our screen printing process and sea freight to transport our goods. However, plastic usage has always been an issue that has been evading us.

Simply washing clothing created with synthetic fibres creates negative downstream effects. These tiny microfibres that our washing machines fail to collect end up in our oceans. This VOX article does a great job at summarising the impact of these unseen pollutants.

As covered in our last post, individuals are leading more active lives and with that comes a higher demand for activewear and ultimately, more responsibility. The conundrum is that activewear needs to be durable to deal with its rigorous usage, synthetic fabrics lend themselves more so to these requirements. But it means it’s also destined for landfill at the end of its life.

We are a gateway to consumption in a sense. We provide brands with opportunities to retail their products and in turn grow their brands and grow the demand for their products.

We take full ownership of this responsibility and have taken extreme action to act in the most responsible manner available to us.

We have migrated away from China for our production in order to achieve the following from every single product.

Organic cotton – a natural, GMO-free fibre that uses less water than standard cotton and uses zero chemicals as to maintain soil health and ecosystem sustainability.

PETA certification – all products will be PETA certified. That means no animal testing and 100% vegan materials.

Taxing plastic – No plastics on importing of goods and the introduction of a tax on our eCommerce polybag service. A portion of the tax proceeds will be donated to the Plastic Soup Foundation.

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

In order to seamlessly transition to our updated product offering we are reducing the price of the current product stock.

All female tanks, leggings, stringers and tees are available at a 50% reduced price until all units have been sold through. We would like to urge you, our customer to consider the above before electing for plastic intensive add-ons such as polybagging.

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