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So, You Have A Brand…Now What?

After working with over 275 brands worldwide we started to spot some patterns. Why do some brands succeed where others fail? After hours of investigation we made some powerful discoveries.

The external appearance of a brand is undoubtedly important but comes with no assurances of success. It’s whats under the hood that counts. This 2.5 hour workshop at our Birmingham space gives you a clear blueprint. A blueprint to keep to hand whenever you make a decision, regardless of the size.

The Workshop

12 Month Roadmap

What does the future look like? By visualising the future we can begin to develop a vivid picture of where your brand is heading toward. Without a destination in mind, how can we know the route?

What, How, Why

The brands we love do not start with a formal business plan and accompanying spreadsheet. They are born with a clear ‘why’. Starting with ‘why’ is a powerful concept developed by Simon Sinek that enables us to work from the core outwards. 

Value Proposition

What are you offering an why should I care? The value proposition is vital to understanding your place in the competitive landscape.

Top 3 Audiences

Audience strategy goes beyond ‘any one who will buy’. The influencer you want to get on board, the strategic partner that will open up a new market. Defining your audiences is crucial to refining your messaging.

If Your Brand Were Human

What would they say? How would they act? Let’s define the personality of your brand and ensure it aligns with ‘who’ you want it to be.

A Word From Past Participants

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Further Thoughts

Start-up brands

New brands are often focused on 3 core elements of their business: logo, website and clothing. These physical elements mark progress, and rightly so.

But what is it all for? The Unleash Your Brand workshop encourages you to do some deep, big and long term thinking to act as a roadmap for the day-to-day practical choices you will face.

Should we stock our product with this retailer?
Should we get this influencer on-board?

Making consistent, congruent decisions about your brand is tough when you haven’t clearly defined its character.

Established brands

You’ve done the hard work. Sales are coming in but your brand seems to have gotten lost in all the work, a little diluted over time.

Together, we will take a pace back. A moment to pause and reflect deeply on the founding mission and how we can re-align with it.

What will I get?

A detailed roadmap for your brand.

A detailed overview of everything we cover together.

Unlimited caffeine.

We encourage you to have this to hand when working with designers, working with possible partners or just making decisions. An authentic brand is built over many consistent actions, compounded over-time.

Learn how to position yourself to create unique and memorable customer experiences.

Move away from the hit and hope method to attracting customers, get real fans and advocates.

What do I bring?

Yourself and an open mind.

The workshop shouldn’t and won’t be ‘easy’.