Embracing Local Pride

embracing local pride in your brand

Embracing Local Pride

We should all be proud of our roots for they have shaped us into the people we are today.
From a brand perspective we often find that we embody characteristics of our environment. This can be extremely powerful when building a brand identity and clearly communicating to customers (and other stakeholders) what it is exactly that you stand for.

First customers

From a business perspective, local support an community is often the first source of paying customers you will find. In 2014 when we launched it was a chain of local gyms that took a chance on two local kids to build out their line of clothing merchandise.
In the age of instantaneous global accessibility it is easy to think of launching to the huge market place and hoping to catch a few bites. A number of our customers have been launching localised campaigns with great success both in UK and European cities/ regions.
In our opinion, building out from a strong local base is a great strategy and one that is often overlooked.

We’ve all seen…

We have all come across the following:
“Built with love in ….”
“Proudly made in …”
“Expertly designed in…”
Rather than being a short term strategy to build affinity with your local audience and generate initial customers, this strategy is scaleable. Here are some great examples of brands who prominently display their ‘localness’.
Often an added benefit of this strategy is the perception of (insert characteristic) based on a non-natives knowledge of a place. For example, Copenhagen we immediately think design, therefore a Danish brand could opt to leverage this and reap the benefits when entering foreign markets.
Some great examples to check out are:
  • Sandqvist (Stockholm) – tag line ‘From Nordic landscapes since 2004′
  • Oliver Spencer  (London) – ‘Designed in London’
  • Samuel Adams (Boston) – ‘Boston Larger’


Consider the value of local pride and decide if it has a value-adding place within your brand.

Consider driving more local community interaction regardless, you’ll often find locals love you the most.

If you found this post valuable, an extension of this concept can be found in creating a community around your brand.

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