Why We Sold Out So Quickly

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Thank You

Thank you for the fantastic reception of the both the Opti-Fit Leggings and Women’s Tank, from pre-order in 2017 right through to final delivery in February 2018. Being our first female product launch, we were unprepared for the level of demand from both new and current customers. The volume of sales since launch day just a few weeks ago has been overwhelming. It is always humbling to receive positive comments from a wide range of customers across Europe and USA. After launching for the previous 3 years with primarily male products it is exciting to be able to offer our range of products and services to a female demographic.

Product 2.0

The Women’s Tank is in stock and ready for your customisations, the Opti-Fit Leggings are currently out of stock. However During March 2018 we are working on bringing an ever improving product to market, here are some elements we are working on for Opti-Fit 2.0:

  • Addition of another colour-way, we’ve had some great feedback from you regarding options for this. We will be sure to check back in again before production commences.
  • Squat proof fabric option – the current product has a naked-feel comes as a result of our Nylon/Spandex blend, ideal for training, comfort and leisure use. A second squat-proof fabric option is being developed to protect against any unwanted transparency during squats.
  • Contouring refinement – highlighting curves correctly to ensure comfort and aesthetics.

Marc will be going back out to our manufacturers to develop the product later this month and work on some more exciting launches, look out for live updates from 1st March. We always welcome your suggestions and feedback, feel free to get in touch (info@gymfuse.co.uk), we are here to listen.

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