Heather Grey Hoodie Launch

Heather Grey Muscle Hoodie

Snow is falling…

Despite heading into April, snow is still falling across the UK and Europe. Hoodie season is still well and truly upon us, or should I say hoodie + 6 extra layers season.
After the fantastic response from our Muscle Hoodie 2.0 launch this January, we were repeatedly asked, ‘when can I get this in more colours?!’ (Thanks David).
We listened.
Customer Feedback
It is with great excitement we can announce the Heather Grey Muscle Hoodie is en-route to our facility and we will be in stock and ready for your designs imminently. The fabric composition matches up to the ever popular Black 2.0 version (Polyester/Cotton/Elastane), to ensure total consistency across your hoodie range.

The Spec

  • Pullover design
  • Technical mesh hood lining
  • No frustrating drawstring
  • Tapered arms and body
  • Snug cuffs
  • Extra length
  • Central pocket
Whilst we are discussing new releases, keep your eyes peeled for additional colours in our Muscle Fit Tee and Women’s Tank, coming soon! We value your feedback and product development suggestions immensely, if you have any requests we would love to hear more.

Need the hoodie?

Simply drop Daniel an email (daniel@gymfuse.co.uk) and he will get right back to you!

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