Finding Your Why

Finding Your Why

Start With Why

Simon Sinek’s 2009 TED talk is one of the most watched talks of all time, and for good reason.
The core principles behind both his talk and book are undoubtedly beneficial to consider. To introduce the idea there are 3 dimensions understand:
‘What’ – What do you do? Make cars? Give financial advice?
‘How’ – How do you do it? By designing beautiful 4x4s? By staying up to date with the stock market?
‘Why’ – The golden question, why do you do it? To revolutionise design? To allow the working class to gain financial freedom?
The ‘How’ and ‘What’ are generally quite easy to develop and execute, primarily because they are tangible products and/ or processes so everyone can clearly see them. The ‘Why’ is difficult, but powerful when clearly articulated.

Applying It

Here is a quick example using GymFuse to demonstrate this point:
  1. ‘What’ – We sell fitness clothing to other businesses.
  2. ‘How’ – By providing premium aesthetic garments that can be customised and delivered in 10 working days.
  3. ‘Why’ – No brand’s vision should be halted due to sourcing barriers.
Why does it matter? Because starting with ‘Why’ means both the ‘How’ and ‘What’ can be changed to suit the current environment. It is vital that customers know your ‘Why,’ a company without this becomes a mere commodity which is dictated by price. Apple are (were?) a great a example of a company who clearly communicated their ‘Why’ and hence have never had to put an item on sale, price simply isn’t that important when you believe in a brand beyond its superficial appearance.
It’s a really useful exercise to grab a pen and write out your what, how and why to further refine it and discover clearer ways to communicate this with your audience.
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Enjoy The Talk 🙂


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