Being Lean

Being Lean

Being Lean

This isn’t a post about a fat reduction technique, sorry. Lean is in reference to trimming unnecessary costs and time from your business.
This post is somewhat of a continuation or a ‘part 2’ to the F**k it, Ship it article and expands on the idea by using testing and customer feedback to build a brand – fast.

How do we execute?

As we all know, fitness brands need inventory and this isn’t very lean, right? The temptation can therefore be to accept this notion and work towards a spectacular launch of 30 product lines, impeccable online channels and global influencers. In the meantime accumulating huge expense without ever speaking to a potential customer or making a sale.
A great strategy used by a number of our customers is as follows:
  1. Kindly ask the owner of your local gym/club/team/box to set up a small stall inside the building one morning, afternoon or evening.
  2. Talk to people about your brand, products and vision.
  3. Make notes on every comment and piece of feedback.

Those few hours of holding conversations with your target market will be incredibly valuable. You will make some sales, but this isn’t the purpose of the exercise. Carefully listen to all feedback and comments and only offer up questions to probe deeper. Don’t bother asking people ‘would you buy this?’ most people will say yes out of politeness, go deeper.

The round-up

We love this methodology so much we much we even borrowed the ‘lean’ name when creating the first of our product packs. Giving brands the chance to get a finished product in hand from just 30 pieces lends itself to testing and learning without huge expense.
The key takeaway is as follows:
Old way – build and they will come (slow and expensive).
New way – test quickly and iterate (fast and cheap).
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